About Us

Aenro is designed around one core principle, honest dependable commerce. We've scoured through countless manufacturers and material suppliers to bring you only products that we would use ourselves.

What's our mission?

Provide a luxurious and modern shopping experience for people who are passionate about taking care of themselves and living life to the fullest.


Help improve lifestyle with a thrilling experience by making everyday tasks easier, enjoyable and practical.

Company core values

  • Dependable
  • Honest
  • Simplicity
  • Quality and Value
  • Customer-Driven (We listen and we act on your feedback)
  • Teamwork, we’re not a one man show. We have a dedicated team to make things work
  • Good isn’t enough, we need amazing
  • Top-down leadership driven by bottom up guidance

How do we connect our service with our values?

If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it! Just like our consumers we’re always looking to add excitement to our lives, nothing kills the vibe more than excited anticipation followed by product disappointment.


The Aenro Executive team