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Gua Sha Facial Set

Gua Sha Facial Set

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Aenro Facial Gua Sha Facial Set

Gua Sha Facial Set

Regular price $22.95
Regular price $22.95 Sale price $32.95
SAVE $10 Sold out

Roll and glide your way to glowing skin!

Botox appointments are expensive and painful. Aenro Gua Sha Facial Set is designed to naturally promote circulation, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, combat puffiness and stimulate the lymphatic system!

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Glowing skin in just a roll and glide away!

  • 97% Said the appearance of their skin improved
  • 91% Noticed a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
  • 96% Saw an improvement in puffiness
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Best Radiance Bundle - Limited Sale

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Creams & Serums Simply Don’t Work

Due to most eye area concerns being caused by genetic factors, sleeping more, applying serums and reducing caffeine intake are simply not enough alone to achieve a brightened look.

Aenro Facial BagBeGone™ Pro

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Revealed Inside:

✔ Several anti-aging hacks to help you stay at the top of your game

✔ How to get the motivation to make the best choices for your body

✔ What are the best foods to prevent premature aging

✔ Master stress control for lasting youth

✔ How to live an active lifestyle to stay youthful and combat aging

...and many more!

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How to download the ebook?

After placing your order, we will send you an Order Confirmation email.

Inside this email, you'll find a 'Download ebook' button that will redirect you to the ebook download page.

If, for any reason, you don't receive the email, please check your spam folder. Sometimes, Gmail or other email providers automatically filter unfamiliar emails, so please search carefully.

The subject of the email usually reads: Order #0001 confirmed.


How fast will I see results?

In just 2 weeks, most users see brighter and healthier-looking eyes.

However, everyone's skin is unique, and results will vary.

Consistent use amplifies the effects, so we suggest using BagBeGone™ for at least 40 days, and capturing before and after photos for comparison.


How can it be so effective?

Red light therapy and microcurrent are renowned in skincare for reducing aging signs, fatigue, and puffiness.

BagBeGone™ Pro utilizes DualCare technology, combining red light and EMS microcurrent for stellar results.

It's clinically proven to enhance collagen (by up to 169% after 2 weeks) and elastin (up to 92% after 6 weeks) in under-eye skin, revitalizing your eyes to look brighter and firmer.


Does it have any side effects?

BagBeGone™️ Pro passed 12 different clinical studies with astonishing results.

And it's the only at-home eye care treatment recommended by dermatologists.

BagBeGone™️ Pro is the safest, most-effective eye care treatment currently available.


How often should I use it?

With just a quick 10-minute daily session, BagBeGone™️ Pro begins to weave its magic! For optimal outcomes, embark on an 8-week journey of consistent use, after which you can tailor the routine to suit your maintenance needs.


Is it safe to use?

Certainly, BagBeGone™️ Pro assures absolute safety for its users!
Employing 2 non-invasive, FDA-cleared techniques — microcurrent and red light therapy — BagBeGone™️ Pro guarantees a painless experience devoid of any side effects.


Does it help with wrinkles?

Absolutely, BagBeGone™️ Pro harnesses the power of red light therapy, an FDA-approved treatment clinically verified to minimize fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing collagen synthesis.


What if I don't see results?

With our 30-night risk-free trial, use BagBeGone™️ Pro for at least 10 mins daily for 30 days.

Capture weekly photos to document your progress.

If you're unsatisfied with the results, email us at to claim your guarantee and receive a full refund upon product return.

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